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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
About Our website technology
This article is something you will not see in a dlmReport Daily, but rather what technology we used to create dlmReport. We're doing this because maybe you want to do something similar -- maybe not promote the same topc, but for something else you care about. Here's what it took to build what you see here now.

In the old days, people would hire these high-priced other people called webmasters. These often self-proclaimed computer gurus would write code" for the express purpose of allowing websites to be created and maintained. These webmaster people still exist, however most of them now don't write so much code, but rather are skilled in all these other steps to help others see the big picture.

Like a carpenter, webmasters have a toolbox where they keep their tools. Over time, the tools we use to accomplish our tasks are based on the number of tools in that box. If you have only a hammer, then most of the projects will look like something that can be assembled with nails.

Our Software

Webmasters today tend to use software called content management systems, or CMS for short. By using a CMS, the development cycle is shorter and more time can be spent on what really matters -- the stuff that visitors see.

The content management system we selected was Joomla. Why this one? It's the one we knew best. That means we knew how to install it, how to maintain it, and if it breaks, how to fix it. WordPress or Drupal would have been just as good, but for the sake of efficiency, we went with what we knew. It takes about 15 mintues to load a fresh Joomla site. To this, you need to add configuration time. In the case of dlmReport maybe another few hours. (graphics for the header, deciding where things are going to go...)

Here is our complete list of the software "tools" that we've used:

  • JOOMLA - The CMS (joomla.org)
  • MySQL - The database (mysql.com)
  • PHP - The Script (php.net)
  • RocketTheme Template Paradox (rockettheme.com)
  • JCE - An Editor(joomlacontenteditor.net)
  • JCOMMENTS - Commenting (joomlatune.com)
  • LINEUPS - Pre-Article Manger (custom development)
  • XMAP - Site map (joomla.vargas.co.cr/en)
  • VISITCOUNTER - Visit Counter (vinaora.com)
  • JOURLS - Automatic Twitter Feeder (custom development)
  • phpLIST - eMail list (phpList.com)
  • YOURLS - Tiny URL generator (yourls.org)
  • AdminLoginRedirect - Admin utility (forgetso.com)
  • EasyCalcCheck PLUS - CAPTCHA (joomla-extensions.kubik-rubik.de)
  • BackendToken - Admin utility (joomlaconsultant.de)
  • WordCloud - Word Cloud (joellipman.com)
  • DisplayNews - News Module (rjews.net)
  • DateDiff - Shows dlmReport age (joomlacode.org/gf/project/datediff)
  • AutoArchive - (joomlacode.org/gf/project/auto_archiver)
  • Eyesite - Watches for file changes (extensions.lesarbresdesign.info/extensions/eyesite)
  • Go Mylo Countdown - (gomylo.com)
  • JoomlaWorks "Simple Image Gallery" Plugin v2.2

Thanks to the above group of software professionals as without their products are now part of our daily routine. Their products touch many aspects of our system from article publishing to site security.

Bottom line, it's not difficult to build a modern website that can be easily expanded. It's dirt cheap to buy a domain name. Hosting costs less per month than you spend on a pint of beer. The expensive part is the content, but if you build something one day at a time, all you need to do is be patient.


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