"A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life." - Muhammad Ali
Thursday, February 22, 2018
Decoys are very interesting. When a duck sees a duck-like piece of wood on the water, and someone else is doing the mating call, well, the forces of nature take over and the real duck thinks it is a match made in heaven. The real duck can't help the "allure" of a wonderful encounter. His defenses are down, and his judgement becomes "clouded" . He flies right over the top of a well camouflaged blind. As this highly motivated duck begins its decent, to do what ducks do, he realizes the quacking is coming from the blind. Well you know the rest of this story. It does not end well for the deceived one.

The analogy that follows is not meant to anger nor to disparage my fellow Republicans. It will unfortunately do both to some. I will speak to this deception because I do believe it is happening.

There is a clarion call sent out by the Democrat party. It speaks to the sole of the socialists who are Democrats and they are responding in droves. Bernie Sanders is promising away the farm and the young folks think he is in possession of the title. They are going to be angry when he cannot deliver because of "super delegates". They will have filled the void created by the wood duck democrats who have "flocked" over to support Trump (crossover Democrats). Nice plan Slick Willy.

The vacancy that the wood duck democrats have left is filled with the newly energized base of the young millennials seeking free everything. It goes unnoticed, while those wood - duck democrats vote for Donald the duck. They could care less if he did kill a man in the streets, they will still vote for him (in the primaries) thus wreaking tumult in our process. Slick Willie's plan is to leave the Trump nominee high and dry in the general election, as those wood duck democrats go back home to Hillary. Once again we have a criminal in the White House with "Executive Privilege" looking for a pardon when she leaves.

Fellow Republicans, please, make sure the "duck" you are pursuing is not made of wood, so that you do not get in the cross hairs of the Democrat Party. Being ever vigilant does not mean we have to become "vigilantes". Lets get back to being the Sheriff's (Constitution) posse.

Vigilantism, while may be necessary some times, will always leave destruction in its wake.

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