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Thursday, February 22, 2018
Marko Rubio just guaranteed a brokered convention. Rule 40 will see to it that no one will get a majority of delegates in Cleveland. Donald Trump was threatening to neutralize rule 40, but after this debate rule 40 rules.

Rule 40 needs some explanation. It was "brokered" in the Tampa Bay Convention back in 2012. It was designed to protect Mitt Romney from a Rand Paul insurgency in a 2016 challenge of what they thought would be a Romney administration run for a second term. It may very well have saved the party and the Country from a Clinton Presidency.

Under rule 40 a candidate has to win the "majority" electors from eight states. The rule changed the word "plurality" to "majority". It also changed the number of required states from "five" to "eight". If no one gets a majority of electors from a given state, that state can no longer be a winner take all state. The electors become apportioned. I think the punches that Marko Rubio put on Trump virtually blocked him from achieving this new higher standard. If no one gets a Majority from eight states the Convention becomes a "brokered convention". Rule 40 virtually makes a winner impossible. Donald Trump was threatening this new "protection" but that ended tonight with this debate. Our next president will in fact be selected by a brokered convention that, by rule, is overseen by the Speaker of the House.

The "wood duck" crossover Democrats, (Reference my previous article), came very close to over coming the Protection of rule 40. Rubio will be remembered for having taken out Trump. The question becomes, who, will the convention choose. They are not bound by limitations after the first vote. When no one can produce a majority of electors the process can then pick anyone. An important fact to remember is that a "suspended" campaign is not the same as quitting. Remember in school if you were suspended you always got to come back, but not so if you were expelled. Words mean somthing and Jeb only "suspended" his campaign.

No one is talking about rule 40 but do the homework, it is there. The "evangelicals" that are going for Trump are not all Republican evangelicals. They are in fact mostly Democrat "wood duck" crossovers who will not be there in the general election for the Republican nominee. They will go Home to Hillary. This also can be said for the "Hispanic" vote.

This would have been Bill Clinton's "Finest Hour". Marko Rubio just blocked this "corrupt bargain" between Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. Trump no longer can overcome the new standards of rule 40.

This is how I see this election. In the beginning I was very opposed to Rule 40 because it was designed to block a Rand Paul insurgency. Turns out it will have blocked a Clinton/Trump corrupt bargain.

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