A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country. - Tex Guinan
Thursday, February 22, 2018
We pose for a lot of things. We pose for pictures. We "posture" ourselves with the best foot forward in many situations. We are "supposed" to be that thing for which we posed. When doing a job interview it is a good thing to put your best foot forward. That is called "posturing". If the other foot "resembles" the best one put forth, then there is a good chance you may get the job. While it is important to have good posture, it is not good to be a poser. Tonight I will be talking about posing. This message is going to anger some, because they will not do the homework.

This message is about Ted Cruz, our "Constitutional Conservative".

If read my post or attend caucus you know that I think Donald Trump is a "poser". I always say everyone is "entitled to my opinion". These message's about Trump and Cruz are not popular, but I am not a poser. I am a Republican, and I do care about the Party's future. Speaking about Ted, we will be showing an expose' the Senator's history . Did you notice the word "pose" in expose'. It will become clear.

If you like N.A.F.T.A and unfettered World Trade, well, you will not like this video on Ted Cruz tonight. This Expose' on Cuz will show the history of Ted's "Excellent Adventure" with the "North American Union" and how "Married" Ted is to its imposition. There is that word "pose" once again.

There is a "conspiracy" of the "elevated ones" and they are "posing" in both parties. We use the word "established" but a better word for definition sake would be "ensconced" (set in place). The question to be asked is who did the "ensconcing".

There is an ugly future that the New World Order crowd has for us. Just because you can put lipstick on a pig does not mean you should embrace it. I am sorry to tell you that Ted's "Excellent Adventure" has turned into his "Bogus Journey" His goal is a North American Union and he proved that on May 22nd when his vote allowed "Fast Track" authority to the position of the president circumventing treaty mandates in the Constitution. You do your homework, I have done mine!

Here is a wake up call for all of us. There is one person in this presidential race that is not a poser. He will openly say what his vision is for this country. He is a "True Believer", trouble is in what he believes. Bernie Sanders is a communist. You and Carl Marx can call it "Democratic Socialism" if you want, but there is nothing social nor democratic about the murder of millions. Oh that is right, the "dumb down Liberals" have not, nor will they, do their homework. IT IS HISTORY READ IT!!! ... or you can start with this 13 minute video...

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