"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you!" - Pericles (430 B.C.)
Thursday, February 22, 2018
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  • This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

    Not sure I agree with the video title, but it's an interesting 27 minutes if you want to see another side of the Donald. 976,282 views, 16,738 thumbs up and 5,097 down ...
  • GET A GUN! Justice w/ Judge Jeanine

    So it TAKES a petite woman to STAND taller and with more GUTS than any MAN, look us straight in the EYE and say... GET A GUN! JUDGE you are the absolute BEST! You want a woman to run for PRESIDENT America? You're LOOKING right at her. ...
  • In case there was any doubt

    Some of the most shocking quotes that Barack Obama has ever uttered in public.Even though he claims to be a Christian, throughout his political career Obama has repeatedly attacked traditional Biblical Christianity and he has a very long history of anti-C...

    Apologies for the late posting of this article. It was written by Dennis on or about 31-May of 2016, however things do sometimes slip through the cracks. We are posting this with today's date, because if we posted with the date it was written, it woul...
  • Katrina Pierson Chews Up and Spits out CNN Talking Head

    CNN anchor tried to challenge Trump’s claim that the media was completely biased. It did not go well for him. Trump’s newly-minted national spokesperson, Black conservative Katrina Pierson — on the job for just three weeks — wiped the floor wit...
  • Any Twitter Math-heads out there?

    I'm following 2059 but my guess is that ~300 have not reciprocated. Some I don't expect to because big begets big, so I'm not holding my breath for Brad Pitt to follow-back. What I do want: lop off the deadwood, low-info non-follow backers. Is there ...
  • What happens when the teleprompter isn't working

    Stuttering and stammering have the same meaning - it is a speech disorder in which the person repeats or prolongs words, syllables or phrases. The person with a stutter (or stammer) may also stop during speech and make no sound for certain syllables. Mos...
  • Democratic Law Prof: ‘Difficult To Imagine’ Hillary Clinton Not Being Indicted

    For those of us who recognized from the outset that Ms. Clinton’s exclusive use of a personal email system for all her official business (not to mention her unprecedented use of a private server atop that) was a clear violation of the Federal Records Ac...
  • How EmailGate Weakened America’s National Security

    Last week’s devastating report by the State Department Inspector General has made it plain to all who wish to see that Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, violated numerous regulations pertaining to federal records and cybersecurity, then lied effus...


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