"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office." - Aesop

Thursday, February 22, 2018
Categories 2nd Amendment France Needs a Second Amendment—And so do We!
“CBS News gave an early report on the terrorist attacks in Paris. It included this telling sentence:

"A reporter for Britain’s Telegraph newspaper in Paris told Sky News that the first two officers to arrive, who were apparently unarmed, fled after seeing gunmen armed with automatic weapons and possibly a grenade launcher."

Every American, every citizen of a free country, needs to read, and re-read that sentence. Here is the answer of liberals and socialists to the problem of domestic security. Let the police do it. Let the state protect you. Give all weapons to the professionals who are trained and who can be trusted.

We see how much New York Mayor Bill de Blasio trusts his own police department. He treats them as if they are the problem in minority communities. They are the ones who must be re-trained and restrained. It is not, for de Blasio, a case of police protecting people in crime-ridden neighborhoods where fatherless young men shoot each other, and all too often get into conflicts with the police. No, for de Blasio—and all his fellow socialists—the police are the problem. ...”

When seconds matter, the police are minutes away! Generally speaking, police arrive on the scene of violent events in time to begin writing a report and to conduct the cleanup. Think about it -


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