Progressive: A pejorative term that is applied to an individual, or individuals, that suffer a psychological dysfunction that involves cognitive dissonance and which causes them to believe that they are imbued with an intellectual advantage over the general population. This despite the disconnect between their perceptions and reality. An unnatural, often religious, worship of government is an observable manifestation of this malady. - Anonymous
Sunday, September 24, 2017
Categories Election Paula Jones: Reprise of a famous bimbo eruption
“For the Republicans, worthy or not, Hillary and Bubba are the gift that keeps on giving. Whoever is responsible for writing the thank-you notes has a big job ahead. The dynamic duo keep a network of warehouses just to house and keep track of the gifts. No wonder Hillary needs her own Internet server.

Recent gifts have established Hillary as fully the equal of Bubba as a fount of scandal and calumny. Hillary’s scandals are about grubbing for cash, and Bubba was more fun as the bane of nymphs, striking with his pants at his ankles, which many voters — but by no means all — thought was tacky and beneath the dignity of the presidency. Bubba’s final years in office were the stuff of an unscripted reality show, and it had very high ratings. Who could write a better final scene than a presidential impeachment trial?”

Hillary and Bill, have a herculean task to cover-up all their past transgressions ... and that's for those transgressions that we currently know about. Drip, drip, drip -


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