"Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But then I repeat myself." - Mark Twain

Thursday, February 22, 2018
Plausible reasonality is the most important word in the political dialect. It covers true intent, and can give cover for actions that would be less desired and not understood. It is always used by those who think the truth cannot be handled.

Remember Ross Perot, there was plausible reasonality for him to get out of the Republican Primary. His reason was that the media would show photo shopped pictures of his daughter's face placed on the head of a naked woman. He did get out and then he got back in. He then made a third party run under the Reform Party getting 19 percent of the vote but no electors.

Ross Perot knew what he was doing. The "Little General" sent his own mercenaries to rescue hostages that were taken, yes he did, he did do that, and that "Little General" would not have caved in to intimidation. There was another reason, and the picture of his daughter was "plausible reasonality". Had he gotten 5+ electors in the Reform Party, we would have had a 12th amendment presidency. He did not because that would have produced a Republican President. Bill Clinton was desirable because he could bring influence the Democrat controlled Senate to "FAST TRACK" (did you notice I was shouting) Presidential Agreement Authority (PAA) "Trump-ing Treaty" so that N.A.F.T.A. would be approved by 51 Senators instead of 67 which is a Constitutional mandate for a treaty. Clinton did sign it into law and history is left with no reason why Democrats supported N.A.F.T.A. and why they were complicit in it invocation.

Is this story beginning to sound familiar, it should. History is repeating itself, or is it "CONSPIRACY" that is repeating history, those who conspire are counting on us to be 'Sheeple". It has worked before and it will work again.

The goal now, is NAFTA on steroids it is called Pacific Trade Agreement and no one can figure out why Democrats are supporting it. We have seen in the news today, the first part of "plausible reasonality" coming into the scenario. Donald Trump's son Eric, received a white powder letter saying, "if you do not get out, bad things will happen to your family". A man of iron will and Iron steel would not put his family at risk. But is this "Plausible Reasonality. Are the conspirators making history repeat itself? I think so. Trump will get out and return in a third party run and will in fact get enough electors to deny the Constitutional mandated 370 electors for any candidate. This will throw the "election" into the "Selection" of the House producing a Republican President and the newly Democrat controlled Senate "Selection" of Hillary Clinton as Vice President.

It is called the 12th Amendment. and it is Constitutional law. If this scenario proves out, we then have the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement in tact, and also have "Executive Privilege" for Hillary insulating a lot of people who have committed treason in the name of commerce. This treason is in the name of both a trade agreement and the Military Industrial Complex. It a conspiracy purchase legislators (both sides), to authorize the selling arms and transport them to Syria thru BENGHAZI.


I always say there are 3 reasons that I will never stop fighting for my country. "BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI AND BENGHAZI"

My prayer is that America will wake up, but sadly, it looks God will have to do the waking.

P.S. About the **note** in the last message. The publishers of the DLMReport asked me if they had my permission to do a correction. It was about my reporting to you of the number of views these messages are getting . I approved. You did not get the correction unless you went here. I told you we were getting "thousands" of reads, they edited that statement to read "facts do not lie, we are getting 10,000 reads daily and 230,000 reads monthly." Wow!!!

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