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Thursday, February 22, 2018
Categories Media Bias Megan Kelly Woo'd by ISIS Broadcasting Inc
It has been rumored that Megan is being woo'd by ISIS, as an anchor position on whatever crappy news show they produce. While I am sure they would love her to come visit, the image below is likely one of those items that would be a sticking point in that every-so-important first interview.

FAST FORWARD: Megan is now doing "front line" interviews on topics that 0.1% of the population cares about. COMMON CORE and more specifically, How Does Jeb Feel About It?

His amazing response:

“Common Core means a lot of different things to different people,” responded Bush

This is a response of an idiot / politician. Take your pick. Both may apply. Points that come to mind...

  • Who cares what Jeb thinks about it -- or anything else in his Bush-league head?
  • How sad is it that Goober Bush is being billed as the #1 Hillary smasher?
  • How sad is it that Hillary isn't more concerned about federal prison than the motif of her campaign bus?
  • Maybe Kendall had a few good points
Go ask 10 people what Common Core is. We will send you some awesome dlm SWAG for every intelligent/funny-as-hell response you find.

Yes, this isn't news. This should be covered by some not-made-up variant of TheOnion

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