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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Categories Media Bias What if Limbaugh or Rove Anchored Fox’s Presidential Coverage
“Let’s imagine that Rush Limbaugh gives up his radio job and is hired by Fox News as a political commentator. …

… Anything big and political goes to Limbaugh. And a presidential election is looming, so Rush is going to be pretty busy deciding all sorts of things, like what gets covered and what doesn’t and how stories are played on TV.

And when liberals complain, as they surely would, Limbaugh defends himself, saying: “I’m not a radio talk show host anymore. That’s what I used to be. Now, I’m a serious journalist who is no longer a partisan.”

After they stop laughing, it comes out that Mr. Non Partisan Honest Journalist gave $75,000 to a foundation run by the conservative Koch brothers – a contribution to help further good causes, of course.”

What? What's wrong with this idea? Oh --- this is tongue in cheek relative to George Stephanopoulos...Sorry, we got excited for a moment there -


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