Obama runs the presidency as if his main job, his only job, is rhetorical and political, shore up the base, make speeches. It's all rhetoric. He's got a crisis of management. He has got a system that doesn't work. It's his signature legislation. It's sort of the heart, the symbol of the embodiment of his idea of a caring, progressive central government. It's a mess…It's amazing to me he became president on the basis of rhetoric. He's conducted the presidency on rhetoric. And he perpetuates it. – Charles Krauthammer
Sunday, September 24, 2017
Categories Unreal Headlines 6.5 MILLION active social security numbers for people 112 years old
Why we need a president that's not afraid to say YOU'RE FIRED.

A report from the Office of the Inspector General found that there are 6.5 million active Social Security numbers on file which belong to people aged 112 and up. Meanwhile, there are only 35 people older than 112 in the world.

The Office of Inspector General believes that this could be a huge avenue for fraud and waste. For example, from 2008-2011, Social Security numbers for nearly 4,000 people over the age of 100 were run through the E-Verify system, which determines work eligibility. Recently, a man opened bank accounts for two people born in the late 1800s.


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