"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." - Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


  • New debt plan gains support in Senate; House passes balanced-budget measure

    Wow ... New religion, eh?  Let's see, first the target agreed to was $4 trillion in spending cuts. ...
  • Conservative Solutions, White House Attacks

    If you don't have any specific ideas of your own, be sure to denigrate or otherwise marginalize those that do offer solutions - FULL STORY...
  • The truth behind the government's lies about poverty in America

    Hmm ... as redistribution of wealth continues to be part of the national conversation, it is more than appropriate that Americans understand the shell-game being perpetrated in the quest for political votes - FULL STORY...
  • What Is Poverty in America?

    Measuring income equality is far different than determining a poverty level.   ...
  • GOP Balancing Act

    I've yet to hear or see a salient argument against requiring the Federal Government to establish and maintain a balanced budget except during a National emergency.  I strongly believe we would not be experiencing the current fiscal debt crisis  if we al...
  • Debt Deal Search Intensifies

    .... it is a failure of leadership in both Parties and by this President that finding acceptable solutions to America's fiscal challenges were left until kicking into crisis-mode. ...
  • Debt-ceiling crisis still eludes compromise

    Nice to see WAPO report that an extensive review by Senator Coburn and staff have uncovered $9 trillion in spending cuts that could be achieved over 10-years to serve as a 'menu' for Congress and the President to consider in their Debt Ceiling debate.  ...
  • Tom Coburn unveils $9 trillion plan

    Additional color from Politico on Coburn's recommendations to slash spending - FULL STORY...
  • What Moody’s Really Told Boehner and Obama about the Debt Ceiling

    Reading in-between the lines perhaps provides a different view of Moody's (and S&P's) credit rating warnings - FULL STORY...
  • Employers Criticize Proposal to Speed Union Votes

    The obvious disdain with which this Administration and their minions hold regarding the private sector is stunning.   ...
  • Speeding Labor Elections Unfair to Companies, Employers Say

    This article shares the concerns of employers - you know, those pesky entities that risk capital and create jobs - FULL STORY...
  • Unfair Labor Practices

    Is this the 'brave new world', where the Government can dictate where you can open and operate your business.  Welcome to chains you can believe in, Comrades - FULL STORY...
  • Project Labor Revolt

    Anyone else seeing a pattern emerge - FULL STORY...
  • On Social Security, Tax Hikes Are Not the Answer

    ... Nor are other tax increases in other areas a good idea for many of our Nation's fiscal crisis.   ...
  • The Beltway's Favorite Tax Metaphor

    ... I don't know, I thought, 'tax the rich', was the rallying cry in Washington D.C - FULL STORY...
  • Earthquake Risks Probed at U.S. Nuclear Plants

    I'm all for safety in all things.  Are we being told that during the engineer design and review process that predates permits being let, that earthquakes were not considered.   ...
  • European banks see debt threat in U.S. as well as at home

    I guess they do!  American banks are heavily invested in European banks and in European economies.  Again, the world's financial systems are tightly intertwined - FULL STORY...
  • The Stress Europe Won't Test

    After reading this, how do you feel about EU banks - FULL STORY...
  • Study exposes some some myths about school discipline

    What?  A study had to be underwritten to understand that you must 'inspect what you expect' to achieve acceptable results.   ...
  • Debt Limit: No Retreat! No Surrender!

    .... and why in the 2010 Election did the voters send Conservatives to Washington?  In spite of Morris' statement that Congressman don't get constituent emails, he is wrong.   ...

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