"On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principal, stand like a rock." - Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


  • Wynn CEO Goes On Epic Anti-Obama Rant On Company Conference Call

    Nothing shy about Mr. Wynn, who calls it as he sees it - FULL STORY...
  • Election Shadows Deficit Battle

    Frankly, every decision in Washington D.C. is always couched against political fallout, and right now that focus is on the potential ramifications to the 2012 Election outcome.   ...
  • The Fight for the Balanced Budget Amendment

    It's past time to enact a Balanced Budget Amendment.  We can not continue believing that elected officials will do the right thing by the American People.  The facts and history do not support that supposition.  A Balanced Budget Amendment is the only ...
  • Senate Debt Plan Promises Months of Budget Wrangling

    Code for; we haven't worked through what everyone wants in return for their votes.  You'd think we could expect our elected leadership to fully understand the nexus of our financial crisis and take appropriate actions based upon American ideals, but ther...
  • Congress tees up crucial votes on debt limit

    If this were Medieval times, we'd see less 'pomp and circumstance'.  It is incumbent upon each of us to keep record of how our individual representatives conducted themselves during these debates and how they ultimately voted.  Understanding their vot...
  • Recall elections in Wisconsin a nationwide test for both parties

    If your party loses an election and you don't like that outcome, move to recall.  I guess waiting until the next election cycle would be so passe' - FULL STORY...
  • The Making of Brand Huntsman

    He resigned just 11 weeks ago as the U.S. ambassador to China, but already Jon Huntsman has a logo, a musical theme, a small arsenal of promotional videos, a Hollywood narrator and a line of travel mugs, lapel pins, baseball caps and T-shirts emblazoned w...
  • 'Exchange' You Can't Believe In

    "The intent of this proposed rule is to afford States substantial discretion in the design and operation of an Exchange. Greater standardization is proposed where required by the statute or where there are compelling practical, efficiency or consumer prot...
  • Romney Adviser Backs Obama Health Exchanges

    Dare I suggest this adviser should read the provisions and rules currently associated with establishing Exchanges.   Maybe he should start with the aforementioned rule - FULL STORY...
  • Get Ready for a 70% Marginal Tax Rate

    Recommended reading for anyone that truly wants to understand the compounding effect of the various and sundry current tax burdens and the forecast impact if an increased tax burden is raised on those already providing the majority of HP to 'pull the wago...
  • Few Banks Fail EU Exams

    This is either really good news that supports that the European Banking community is pretty good shape, or the test results demonstrate a desperate effort to tamp down the fears of further fiscal challenges for the EU financial system.   ...
  • Stress Tests Drag on European Stocks

    This settles the debate; European Bank stress tests represented a whole lot of show, and not a lot of substance.  Wow - and we confirm that not only do American politicians and regulators gamed the system, so do their counterparts around the world - FUL...
  • In U.S., Recapitalization Seen Key to Success of Regular Bank Tests

    In contrast - FULL STORY...
  • Let There Be Light Bulbs

    How illuminating that the common 'light bulb' has come to represent the erosion of American freedoms and the over-reach of oppressive Government regulatory fiat.  Welcome to chains we can believe in, Comrades - FULL STORY...
  • $76 Trillion to Engineer a Green Economy?

    Another in the long line of, 'you can't make this stuff up' - FULL STORY...
  • One Year After Oil Spill Was Stopped, Drilling Permits Down Sharply

    How's this working out for everyone?  Do you like the cost of gas? Diesel?  Drill here, drill now, pay less!  All domestic energy resources must be developed in order to improve our Nation's security and to re-engage our economic engine - FULL STORY...
  • When Teachers Cheat—And Then Blame the Tests

    A glaring example of how far our society has devolved - FULL STORY...
  • The Internet Will Reduce Teachers Union Power

    It seems that the internet continues to dis-intermediate the establishment, in all things.  Reducing the power of the Unions in our education system will be a wonderful outcome for education and the future of our children -   FULL STORY...
  • Obama Puts America on Welfare

    ... and this is news?  That's what happens when Big Government acts in the manner of a socialist nation - FULL STORY...
  • FDR & Obama Compared

    Morris ... FDR was NOT a conservative president at any point in his Administration, but you are correct that he engaged in social-engineering - FULL STORY...

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