"Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom." - Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


  • Budget Shell Games Are Contrary to Law

    Really?  Then someone ought to tell Congress and the President - FULL STORY...
  • A New Wrinkle: a Push for Budget Amendmen

    Except in the case of a National Emergency, the Federal Government should be held to the same standard as is any individual and any company; and that entails living within a balanced budget.   ...
  • Obama walks out of US budget talks

    So that's how principled leadership acts - FULL STORY...
  • Budget Solution: Squeeze the Middle

    No one comes out of the fiscal mess we've allowed our Politicians to craft without being touched; no one - FULL STORY...
  • Fix Social Security to give better future to our kids

    All entitlements need to be reformed - FULL STORY...
  • Ireland's Bonds Downgraded to Junk

    The drama surrounding the PIIGS continues to unfold.  Americans must continue to monitor the European Union as it works desperately to avert fiscal-Armageddon - FULL STORY...
  • Europe Readies for the Worst

    It is more than prudent that Bankers are putting together contingency plans.  The challenges of unwinding the aftermath of EU cradle to grave entitlements is going to be difficult with ramifications stretching around the globe - FULL STORY...
  • Debt crisis threatens Italy, one of euro zone’s biggest economies

    Italy, an official member of the PIIGS - FULL STORY...
  • McConnell outlines new proposal on debt ceiling

    This too is more than prudent action considering that we don't have a President or an opposition Party to the GOP that will define specifics in 'their plans' to balance the budget and pay down debt.   ...
  • McConnell Fashions Escape for Republicans on Debt Ceiling

    Another viewpoint - FULL STORY...
  • Obama reports more than $86 million in combined fundraising for campaign, Democratic party

    If my comments haven't been open enough and under full disclosure, I will share that I hold conservative ideals and vote as an Independent.   ...
  • President Obama smashes record with $86M haul

    President Barack Obama has shattered second quarter fundraising records for a White House incumbent by raising $86 million – a total that dwarfs the 2012 GOP field’s total take for the same period and that was substantially higher than his own target...
  • Voter photo ID laws are good protection against fraud

    Hey!  This approach would negate the age old adage used by the Democrats when they call upon their supporters to "vote early and vote often".   All States should require photo identification for voters - period - FULL STORY...
  • Why Bachmann’s Iowa lead is larger than it appears

    The big news Monday in the political world was that Rep. Michele Bachmann has surged to the lead in a new Republican poll in Iowa. FULL STORY...
  • Huntsman camp calls Romney’s record ‘abysmal’

    Jon Huntsman has gone negative, there’s another Senate candidate in Florida, Heller and Berkley are in a money dead heat and Rick Perry met with Pervez Musharraf. FULL STORY...
  • An Empty Toolbox at the Federal Reserve

    What?  Why aren't they just continuing to print money?  Oh yeah, that causes the dollar's value to drop and inflation to increase.   ...
  • Economy needs tax reform, not tax hikes

    President Obama’s repeated harping on tax loopholes, real and imagined, as part of the debt-limit debate is cause for alarm and hope. FULL STORY...
  • Cuts Would Only Shift Health-Care Costs

    Like this is a revelation ... What part of, 'we need to reform Medicare and Medicaid', can't they wrap their brains around - FULL STORY...
  • Raise Taxes or Granny Gets It

    I find it deplorable when any politician resorts to age old 'scare tactics' in substantiating any opposition stance they take on issues that truly are broad-based and essential to all Americans.   ...
  • Lights Out for the Light Bulb Ban?

    Have I mentioned Government's regulatory over-reach AND its propensity to thwart free-market enterprise through trying to influence winners and losers in the market place?   ...

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