"I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle." - Winston Churchill
Tuesday, January 16, 2018


  • More Americans unhappy with Obama on economy, jobs

    I can't imagine why ... This President has focused on all things Big-Government, but seemingly has forgotten those basic things that have made America great.  Although this WAPO piece suggests that 'a third of Americans' believe Obama's policies are hurt...
  • A Leadership Default

    In a rightly ordered world, we find true Leaders give credit to the Team when things go the right way, and true Leaders take blame when things do not go the right way.  But then, one would have had to experience the 'real world', perhaps through having w...
  • Jefferson County in Alabama May Vote to File Largest Bankruptcy July 28

    As you are aware, the predominance of monies redistributed though Obama's Stimulus Plan were deployed to State and local Governments for Government worker retention.  Rather than those local Governments making the same type of cutbacks private-sector com...
  • Downgrade Threat Looms

    Without meaningful cuts to spending and aggressive reform of entitlement spending, I'm afraid it may be inevitable that the Rating Agencies downgrade America's debt rating.  You see, while the Rating Agencies were all asleep at the switch while the Housi...
  • Obama’s Dangerous Debt Ceiling Strategy

    As it relates to the seriousness of our Nation's challenges, both sides of the aisle and this Administration has proven themselves to be nothing short of 'amateur-hour' (with all due respect to amateurs) - FULL STORY...
  • Debt ceiling speeches: Obama reasserts himself; Boehner pushes back

    Funny, last night I watched most of Obama's speech, at least long enough to hear him blame Bush, blame the GOP, insert class-warfare, scare Seniors and suggest that the Rich are not paying their 'fair-share'.  That pretty much describes a typical Obama-s...
  • Obama Warns of Default Risk

    I hope all of us are paying attention and able to understand a simple fact;  there can be no default as long as America keeps paying its bills.  A default occurs when a debtor no longer pays their obligations.  Who is in charge of determining whether w...
  • Debt-limit compromise elusive as separate strategies take shape in House, Senate

    Unless the GOP gets a guarantee that the underlying problems (unsustainable entitlement costs and overall spending levels) will be addressed in a comprehensive manner, then any debt ceiling increase should be very limited in size and the scope over which ...
  • Gridlock for Debt Talks

    WSJ's reporting on the continuing Debt Crisis debate debacle ... Note the call for yet another commission to make recommendations!  What a crock.   ...
  • Moody's Cuts Greek Debt Rating Further

    How can this be?  After all, the EU has agreed 6-times to different debt restructuring deals all tied to bailouts for a Nation that has abdicated its fiduciary responsibilities through the unfunded support of cradle to grave social entitlement programs w...
  • Moody’s warns Greek default virtually 100 percent after it slashes rating by 3 notches

    I read this after writing my comments above - FULL STORY...
  • Italian Banks Fall Despite Debt Deal

    Next please - FULL STORY...
  • Obama's sidelines gamble

    Will he vote, 'present' on this issue, too - FULL STORY...
  • In Iowa, Mitt Romney wages a stealth campaign

    At this time four years ago, Mitt Romney was everywhere in Iowa. He popped up at ice cream stands. His glossy likeness landed in mailboxes. His sons drove a Winnebago they bought on eBay (the “Mitt Mobile”) to all 99 counties. And at Romney headquart...
  • In besieged Mormon colony, Mitt Romney’s Mexican roots

    Three dozen of Mitt Romney’s relatives live here in a narrow river valley at the foot of the western Sierra Madre mountains, surrounded by peach groves, apple orchards and some of the baddest, most fearsome drug gangsters and kidnappers in all of northe...
  • Jobless Rate Rose in 28 States in June

    Of the many challenges facing our Nation, the most pervasive to overcome remains the rate of job creation. Job creation  must become the central focus of our leaders.  History and math tell us that bringing unemployment down to 8% over 4 years will requ...
  • Business Abroad Drives U.S. Profits

    It is important to understand where US Company profits are being derived; especially when listening to talking-heads pontificate about how much private-sector money sits on the sidelines not being incorporated into job creation in America.   ...
  • 'The Flight to the Exchanges'

    When conducting research on the cost and regulatory reporting implication associated with Obamacare, it becomes very clear that many private companies that provided healthcare benefits for employees will drop those benefits when Obamacare results in their...
  • Preparing For D-Day: When Congress Takes Your Deductions

    This is a topic that will generate a lot of debate.  Everyone would be wise to pay attention as the debate unfolds, because likely some tax deduction that you currently utilize may very well be changed as America debates how best to overcome the fiscal c...
  • Business Under Assault

    Every American needs to understand the impacts that will be derived from current National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) efforts.  Remember, the current Board members' efforts have nothing to do about protecting workers, but everything to do about paying b...

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