"I am afraid that the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that banks can and do create money. And they who control the credit of the nation directs the policy of governments and holds in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people." - R.McKearns, past Chairman of the Board, Bank of England
Tuesday, January 16, 2018


  • The Downside of Mandated Sick Leave

    The wonderfully well-intended from the woefully under-informed!  On the surface, who wouldn't want to provide sick leave benefits for workers. ...
  • Why the EPA Train Wreck Must be Stopped

    Some additional color regarding EPA Regulatory efforts and the affect on the economy - FULL STORY...
  • Researchers: Gulf drilling could add 230,000 jobs

    Uh-oh ... I wonder how the Obama Administration is going to cover up or spin this news - FULL STORY...
  • Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Compared

    Hmm- FULL STORY...
  • Cable appeals for new dose of easing

    "Finally, an open admission that high taxes are costing demand…..'Meanwhile chancellor George Osborne hinted that he might prioritize the abolition of the “temporary” 50p top rate of income tax as part of a package of measures to prop up the ailin...
  • NFL Owners Approve New Labor Agreement

    Likely this is the news many of you have been waiting to read - FULL STORY...
  • The Fight We’re In

    The stakes can't get much higher!  Americans must address the out-of-control spending we've allowed to grow unchecked for decades.  Now we are facing the Piper - FULL STORY...
  • Obama and Boehner Advance Toward Deal to Cut Deficit

    Until a final deal is reached we will see news updates and continuing story-lines about progress and setbacks as the Debt-Ceiling drama continues to unfold.   ...
  • Debt-limit talks: As Obama, Boehner rush to strike deal, Democrats are left fuming

    Obama knows that you never let a crisis go to waste.  Especially when you are up for re-election - FULL STORY...
  • With Pensions Threatened, Postal Workers Union Goes on Offense

    I appreciate The Heritage Foundation for taking on the Postal Service in response to recent Post Office Union worker advertisements.   ...
  • European leaders agree to new Greek rescue plan

    Help me out ... How many rescue plans have the Europeans' approved - FULL STORY...
  • Greece Gets New Bailout as U.S. Nears Brink

    How about that for a headline.  Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy - FULL STORY...
  • How the GOP Can Win Young Voters

    This Op-Ed is dead on ... Obama was swept into office in large part due to the support he received from younger Americans hoping for a change in the political landscape.   ...
  • Tea Party would defeat Obama by supporting McConnell plan on debt

    Hmm ... FULL STORY...

    Dick Morris shares his thoughts about how the GOP should approach the Debt Ceiling debate - FULL STORY...
  • Pawlenty Struggles for Iowa Foothold

    Tim Pawlenty ends stump speeches all over the state with a warning to fellow Republicans.   "We've got an excellent opportunity to take back this country, defeat Barack Obama and get this country back on track," the former Minnesota governor told a crow...
  • Struggling Huntsman campaign loses manager

    The campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate Jon M. Huntsman Jr. left that job Thursday, the clearest sign that the campaign, which began with considerable hype a month ago, is having trouble gaining traction. FULL STORY...

    There is enough blame to go around for all our elected leadership, but without a doubt this President's policies and regulations are killing job creation in America - FULL STORY...
  • Layoffs Deepen Gloom

    Fixing our fiscal crisis with sustainable solutions will jump-start our economy.  Or, we can go further instituting European Socialism and the re-distribution of wealth and watch our economy continue to languish - FULL STORY...
  • Climate bill dead, so key players move on

    While not a current focus, don't think for a moment that we won't revisit the insanity of a Cap and Trade Bill in the future - FULL STORY...

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