"Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries." - Douglas Casey, Classmate of Bill Clinton at Georgetown University

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


  • Debt talks bring tensions between Democrats, Obama to surface

    (Check out the sourpuss faces in the accompanying photo - LOL)  Shrill and hysterical might be good descriptors for the Democrat leadership comments as rumors floated about D.C. that Obama and the GOP had agreed to some form of Debt Crisis plan. ...
  • House votes to overhaul consumer agency

    Better to 'open for business' with the proper leadership and oversight than to allow partisan politics drive the management of this new Agency - FULL STORY...
  • New Rule Could Spur More Energy Projects

    If we make any progress fighting against the 'not in my backyard' syndrome that is dictating many efforts to improve critical infrastructure and energy development in America, it will be a good day in deed - FULL STORY...
  • T. Boone Pickens-Koch brothers feud tests Republican principles

    Once again, crony-capitalism ... whether it's supported by the GOP or the Democrats, crony-capitalism is the art-form of picking winners and losers in a free-market enterprise system and should NOT be supported by either Party - FULL STORY...
  • The Half-Trillion Plan

    The debt ceiling looms. Confusion reigns. Schemes abound. We are deep in a hole with only three ways out: the McConnell Plan, the G6 Plan and the Half-Trillion Plan. FULL STORY...
  • Lying and Cheating in the Home of the Brave

    ... now seemingly, a way of life - FULL STORY...
  • A Young Person's Guide to the United States Constitution

    'Dave, I enjoy Andrew Klavan's video messaging, and while hypocritical behavior is the focus front and center in this YouTube spoof....I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the end.'  It's true, America stands at a crossroad;  will we return to the ...
  • The Gang of Six Play

    It seems that no matter how dire the crisis, we can depend upon elected officials to say nothing of substance, often - FULL STORY...
  • As debt talks intensify, Obama opens door to short-term deal to buy more time

    As soon as the President stated last week that he "would not accept any short-term deal", we knew that position would have to change.  With any luck, we'll see thoughtful solutions for sustainable results that find America's fiscal house begin to be brou...
  • Obama Open to Debt-Cap Deal

    WSJ's reporting on the Debt Ceiling debate - FULL STORY...
  • Ex-governors want tough-love budget

    'Tough-love'?  What's so tough about having to live within your means?  Our representatives in the Federal Government have proven insufficient to the trust formerly bestowed upon them.  It has been proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted...
  • France, Germany reach deal on debt crisis ahead of summit

    Not surprising ...The two most important entities in the EU Debt Crisis remain France and Germany.  Without strong support from both,  no bailout solution will move forward - FULL STORY...
  • Barack Obama's 2008 bundlers flee political 'machine'

    Underestimate Obama's political machine at your own peril - FULL STORY...
  • Michele Bachmann releases physician’s note on migraines

    Rep. Michele Bachmann moved quickly to address concerns about her health Wednesday, releasing a note from a physician declaring her in “overall good health” despite suffering from migraines that must be controlled with medication. FULL STORY...
  • Bachmann Scrutiny Rises With Poll Surge

    I'm glad that main-stream media are scrutinizing candidates for public office.  I find it a sign that they learned from the 2008 Election where a lack of scrutiny of all candidates in that race was experienced.  I bet we'll see them circle back to perfo...
  • Tim Pawlenty’s unlikely Iowa ally: Michele Bachmann

    Down in the polls, his fortunes after next month’s Ames straw poll uncertain, Tim Pawlenty is grinding it out through the dog days of summer.  He’s aided by an unlikely ally: Michele Bachmann. FULL STORY...
  • Poll: Romney still ahead, but with big vulnerabilities in quest for GOP nod

    Mitt Romney leads the wide-open contest for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. But a new Washington Post-ABC News poll underscores his vulnerabilities as a front-runner, as well as Sarah Palin’s lingering power to shake up the race if she dec...
  • How Spending Cuts—Not Higher Taxes—Saved Canada

    In Canada, Liberals were able to understand the catalyst of their fiscal problems.  In America, we're not that fortunate - FULL STORY...
  • Debating Dodd-Frank: Is 'Too Big to Fail' Gone?

    From those that have been inside, crafting not only the original legislation but the rule making as well, report that Dodd-Frank has in fact created the basis for tax payers to be on the hook again for large financial institutions.   ...
  • The Danger of an Unaccountable 'Consumer-Protection' Czar

    Another tentacle of the Dodd-Frank Bill - FULL STORY...

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