“A liberal paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does, indeed, exist. It’s called prison.” - Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Tuesday, January 16, 2018


  • Business Blasts Ozone Limits

    Over time, the EPA has had positive impact on America's air and water quality ... That's a good thing ... However, the EPA has become an Agency now focused on increasing its reach, power and oversight beyond that which is reasonable.   ...
  • How House Republicans Can Seal a Budget Deal

    President Barack Obama gave quite a performance at last Friday's news conference.   He blamed everyone else for the debt-ceiling crisis—including, of course, his predecessor. He even trashed the Democratic Congress, saying it "has run up the credit ca...
  • You might be a True American IF:

    Gee, I hope this doesn't offend anyone - FULL STORY...
  • Cloward, Piven and the Fundamental Transformation of America

    There is no doubt that Cloward and Piven had a great influence on Obama and the Progressive Liberal movement - FULL STORY...
  • The Fundamental Transformation of America

    While originally published in November 2009, the reality of what is shared has been manifested through the actions of this President -   FULL STORY...
  • India is too corrupt to become a superpower

    "Dave, change the way in which politicians have used their position to enrich themselves (book releases, speaking engagements, etc.) and you are treading very close to many of our own systems….of course I don't condone any corruption, but any abuse of p...
  • Politicizing Consumer Protection

    Out of the frying pan into the fire - FULL STORY...
  • Today's NLRB hearing shows nominations have consequences

    'It is time for Obama to rein in his out-of-control appointees and for all of us to more closely examine the nominees who seek to reshape our labor landscape.'  Yeah,  what he said - FULL STORY...
  • SEIU Tells Workers to ‘Disobey Laws’ In Effort to Undermine Employers

    Nothing new in this reporting, except perhaps SEIU providing cover for their strategy by suggesting / comparing civil disobedience (non-violent actions) of Dr. Martin Luther King to the overt Union tactics / acts of intimidation and outright physical alte...
  • Toying With Deregulation

    In the private-sector when the CEO gives direction, that direction is followed.  In this Presidency, if an Agency doesn't agree with Congress or Obama, they do what ever they want.  Regulatory over-reach must be reined in - FULL STORY...
  • Secrets of the Budget Talks

    'One of President Obama's advantages in the debt-limit talks has been his ability to sound like a born-again spending cutter in public while the details of what he's willing to accept remain secret. ...

    This is a radio interview with Congressman Allen West.  This guy calls out the efforts being pursued by Progressive Liberals, and doesn't mince any words about it - FULL STORY...
  • Three Competing Theories

    'The problem is not the size or the timing of the actions, but the inherent flaws in the approach.' ... 'By modern private sector accounting standards, gross federal debt is already 500% of GDP.' ...
  • States Test Education Law

    Individual States, one of the best features about our Republic.  We have the opportunity to 'test' theories and different approaches to solving problems essentially in 50-different venues. ...
  • Michele Bachmann faces more migraine questions

    How come nobody seems to care that Obama, the Progressive Liberals, and politics as usual are giving our Nation a headache - FULL STORY...
  • Tea party shifts its priorities, with effects on campaign trail and Capitol Hill

    Only Progressive Liberals writing for a Progressive Liberal media outlet would write so definitively that the Tea Party Movement has changed its priorities. ...
  • AARP: How High Do You Want Your Grandkids’ Taxes to Go?

    At the risk of repeating myself, AARP is nothing more than a large Political Action Committee (PAC) for Liberal causes, masquerading as a buying consortium for Seniors ... Yes, they are a buying consortium, set up as a Non-profit.  However, AARP is very ...
  • Federal workers more likely to die than lose jobs

    Anyone that has spent any time working with Federal Government employees have experienced the brightest and the best, and they've experienced many Federal Government Employees that don't have the sense to come in out of the rain, let alone being knowledg...
  • EU Summit to Deliver 'Strong Message' on Greek Debt

    Yadi, yadi, ya ... it seems that European regulators and politicians are 'Paper Lions' much in the image of U.S. regulators and politicians - FULL STORY...
  • Obama Backs Latest Bargain

    WSJ's review of the outcome of yet the latest 'closed door' negotiations.  Note that this plan is essentially being declared 'dead on arrival' in its current form.  Ain't politics wonderful - FULL STORY...

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