"Everyone sub-consciously knows banks do not lend money. When you draw on your savings account the bank doesn't tell you you can't do this because it has lent the money to somebody else." - Mark Westerfield, economist and author
Thursday, February 22, 2018


  • Can Obama rewrite federal law?

    “President has usurped Congress’ role by altering immigration rules” The President doesn't have the authority to enact Immigration Reform through Executive Order. If he could, we would address him as King Obama, a position he proba...
  • House committee suspects ‘Fast and Furious’ cover-up

    “Answers may be in 1,300 pages it wants” I don't think there should be any doubt that we are witnessing a cover-up orchestrated by the White House - FULL STORY ...
  • Fast And Furious: Executive Privilege Is Illegitimate to Shield Wrongdoing

    “As a strong defender of executive power (when properly exercised) and executive privilege (when properly invoked), I am concerned when claims of executive power or privilege are abused for any reason—especially if they are invoked to shield poten...
  • Axelrod's ObamaCare Dollars

    “Emails suggest the White House pushed business to the presidential adviser's former firm to sell the health-care law.” Hmm ... isn't that a coincident? NOT! Just another example of Obama bringing Chicago-style politics to the Capit...
  • Why Dodd-Frank Is Unconstitutional

    “The financial regulations signed into law in 2010 do not honor checks and balances. They eliminate them.” What? Another 'vital' piece of legislation promoted by President Obama which very well may prove unconstitutional? How did ou...
  • Obama’s dishonest jobs math

    “‘The private sector is doing fine,’ Week 2” The truth will set you free - FULL STORY ...
  • Ratings Cut for Giant Banks

    “Moody's Downgrades Hit Five of Six Largest U.S. Banks, Add to Market Jitters” This is not the type of news that inspires ... one has to wonder if the rating agencies are sharing a not so subtle hint to leaders in Government that it i...
  • Power to tax, power to destroy

    “Time for a policy that grows federal revenue by helping business thrive” ... that's what we've been talking about - FULL STORY ...
  • Lawmakers Eliminating Word 'Congress' in Campaign Ads

    “An ad for Rep. Rom Latham, R-Iowa, notes that he has taken “Iowa common sense” to Washington and asks, “How do you go from working in a family seed business in Iowa to fighting for Iowans at the highest levels?” However, the ad does not men...
  • Congress won’t let Panetta close bases

    “Proponents see politics at play” Really ... politics at play? Hmm ... What was their first clue - FULL STORY ...
  • Obama raises legal eyebrows with executive privilege claim

    “President Obama could be on shaky legal ground with his assertion of executive privilege in a congressional investigation that has been going on for a year, according to scholars who study the limits of presidential power. Louis Fisher, a former...
  • Executive privilege poses tricky situation for Obama

    “Speaking to CNN host Larry King, Obama declared that the Bush administration had a tendency to “hide behind executive privilege every time there’s something a little shaky that’s taking place.” The WAPO now shares its concerns ...
  • Holder's Many Privileges

    “Obama invokes the arguments of the Bush Justice Department.” ... demonstrating in my mind that the President is up to his eyeballs in Fast and Furious - FULL STORY ...
  • Oversight Panel Votes to Hold Eric Holder in Contempt

    “The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee approved a contempt report of Attorney General Eric Holder on a party-line vote, 23-17, today, even as President Barack Obama asserted executive privilege on a key category of documents related to...

    “It's presidential season, so again pundits are indignant that money is spent on politics. Spent by corporations! And rich people! Because the Supreme Court allowed that, "2012 will be a miserable year," says The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne 2...
  • Romney Gains Big Financial Edge on Obama!

  • Twist and Pout

    “The triumph of hope over monetary experience.” Instead of enacting fiscal and regulatory policies that would promote private-sector expansion, our feckless leadership in Washington continues to offer short-term. 'flavor of the week' ...
  • Fed Warns of Risk to Economy

    “Central Bank Extends Bid to Lower Long-Term Rates, Stands Poised to Do More” ... which is code for: print more money, monetize America's debt. This is not indicative of letting 'the good times roll - FULL STORY ...
  • Fed sounds the alarm on effects of European debt crisis

    “The Federal Reserve on Wednesday signaled strong concern that the deepening European debt crisis could drag down the U.S. economy and moved to prop up growth.” ... When Europe gets a cold, America hears about the headache...when Euro...
  • According to Union, Raising Wages Attacks Workers’ Rights

    “So the Teamsters complain that Rubio’s bill would allow “employers to violate contracts and ignore agreed upon wages and benefits for any reason”—even though the bill only allows higher pay. The SEIU objects that RAISE prevents them from ne...

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