"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell
Tuesday, February 20, 2018


  • U.K. Suffers Public-Worker Strike

    ... yep, shades of what we can expect in America once our elected-elite get serious about taking necessary reform measures to avert the fiscal disaster standing on our doorstep.  The public-sector unions in America will initiate the protests we will expe...
  • Mandatory budget cuts after supercommittee failure will trigger pain for some

    I wouldn't lose an iota of sleep about the 'alledged' mandatory budget cuts that threaten to be enacted.  This is just another political gamut put in place to lull the American People into thinking that the Congress would have to come to terms with our p...
  • Despite earmark ban, lawmakers try to give money to hundreds of pet projects

    What gives?  Oh, that's right.  The Congress agrees not to support special-interest earmarks when speaking to the American People, but go behind closed doors to do exactly the opposite.  Again, I hesitate to call for all current politicians to be voted...
  • European ministers plan to turn to IMF for more help in debt crisis

    ... hmm ... which Country supplies the largest amount of money to the IMF?  If you chose Door #2 for America, you'd be right.  I didn't realize America was flush with cash that might be deployed in support of disastrous outcomes of socialism.  At thi...
  • Barack Obama says US willing to help Europe resolve debt crisis

    For a Nation that is piling up debt to the tune of $4 billion per day, our President seems rather fast and loose with taxpayer money.  Without a doubt, America is impacted by fiscal conditions in Europe.  But if those EU member Nations are unwilling to ...
  • Retirement leaves Dems pessimistic about House

    ... actually, pessimism about the Democrat's ability to take back the Majority in the House any time in the next few years is driving the rise of Democrat Representative retirements - FULL STORY...
  • Newt who? Dems, Romney keep clashing

  • Romney v Gingrich? Not So Fast!

    Dick Morris Video FULL STORY...
  • Cain reassessing his 2012 campaign

  • A closer look at Gingrich’s ‘flat tax’ plan

  • Wake up, Obama: Listen to your forefathers

    (Originally printed August 15th.) FULL STORY...
  • States squirm over health exchanges

    Yet, even more uncertainty that plagues State budgets - FULL STORY...
  • GOP Set to Back Payroll-Tax Cut

    For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible. We all should support comprehensive tax reform, rather than temporary actions that in reality create more problems.  In this instance, the GOP is going along with the D's and President Obama t...
  • Cuomo Eyes Tax Rates

    For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible. Cuomo is a Bona-fide Democrat Progressive who supports class-warfare.  How many more 'rich-people' have to leave New York, before the 'masses' then have to fend for themselves without the subs...
  • U.S. Nears Milestone: Net Fuel Exporter

    ... and IF we had a National Energy Policy that supported developing America's domestic energy resources, not only will we continue to be net-exporters of refined fuels, we would find domestic energy prices dropping.  And cheaper energy costs would boost...
  • Iranian hard-liners storm British Embassy, residential compound

    ... shades of 1979, when then President Carter's ineffective Foreign Policy resulted in American Embassy workers being taken and held hostage by Iranians.  Now America's staunchest ally, the UK has been attacked by Iran.  Every step of Obama's Foreign...
  • Embassy Assault in Iran Dramatizes Internal Feud

    The WSJ shares insights to the conflict growing between Iran's Supreme Religious leaders and the supporters of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regime - FULL STORY...
  • Gingrich vs. the Immigration Status Quo

    We continue to support comprehensive immigration reform immediately after America's borders are sealed.  Until then, all of us will be subjected to political rhetoric all aimed at gaining a political advantage - FULL STORY...
  • Hollywood Hypocrisy in the Hypokrisis Industry

    'Some of the most outspoken critics of the "income disparity" that exists within the free-market capitalist system can be found in Hollywood, where you'll also happen to find some of the most prosperous beneficiaries of the very system they criticize.' ...
  • Chuck Woolery on Budget Cuts

    "Dave, some more examples of, 'you can't make this stuff up' associated with our elected officials.  At what point will they wake up?" Was that a rhetorical question?  If the American People are going to have sanity restored to Government, the onus is...

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