"Even peace may be purchased at too high a price." - Benjamin Franklin
Tuesday, January 16, 2018

If Americans have not been paying attention to the facts surrounding this drama, likely they will fall to the Liberal-messaging defining the GOP as standing in defiance to putting America first.  

In fact, while Freshman Tea Party Movement candidates in the House are fighting to reduce overall Federal spending, they are learning quickly that any effective legislative action will require gaining support from the Senate.  However, the Progressive Liberals in the Senate, according to their feckless Leader Reid, will not even read the House Bill should it come to the Senate for debate.  In fact, Reid is quoted as stating that the House Bill "is dead on arrival" ... What's up with that?  

It is beyond comprehension that elected leadership in Washington DC are incapable of understanding basic economics; you can't spend more than you take in on a sustained basis (which America has been doing for 40-years), or can you 'fix' this dilemma through raising taxes on the very individuals expected to create jobs.  That formula has been tried and failed every single time.  At a time when our Nation needs Statesmen looking out for our well-being we continue to witness the established Politicians playing partisan politics as the World looks on.  What a statement it would make if America were to act like the World Leader it should be, and establish sustainable financial policies, rules and regulations that will put America on a path of fiscal sanity.  What a statement that would make -


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