"Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy." - General Norman Schwarzkopf
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Just who do you think you are, or better yet, just who do you think we are. Let me tell you who you are not, and then, let me tell you who we are.

You, (James Comey), Barack, Hillary, Bill, Loretta and yes, even Donald, you are "not" above the law, "I can tell you that much". I can tell you much more too, and I think I will! You seem to have forgotten!!!

You should always remember this: We are "Peasants with Pitchforks". Your Lies and manipulation have increased our numbers. Your behavior has united those who have realized just how much we have in common. We will not stand for this treasonous behavior. Yes that is what you did, James Comey, it was treason. Just what could have compromised your integrity. You should have never allowed Hillary to come in "voluntarily"! That meant no public record and no swearing in. There will be no public record of the conversation. You even said it!! How could you? We have the right to know. What do they have over you Mr. Comey? Why would you violate every thing your life has stood for? Oh yes you did! You violated your precepts and principles, and you know it.

There was another time when a subpoena was dropped at the suggestion of coming in voluntarily. The "deal" was made by the best deal maker of all time. He was questioned with no deposition and no swearing in, and no public record. It was a Federal law suit deposition. It had to do with a 12 year old girl, Jeffery Epstein and Donald Trump. The Donald was the one who volunteered if the girls lawyers would withdraw the subpoena. Yep, that is true, you do the research.

So I have a Question Mr. Comey, of course you may invoke the 5th, but I have to ask. Your recent behavior would lead me to think you have attended a Jeffery Epstein party. The question is "Have you"?

Mr. Comey, I am praying for you because if Epstein is who has comprised you, you will surely become a "Clinton statistic"! I will close with this Mr. Comey;

I am a "Peasant", but my pitchfork is my pen. Nothing afore mentioned should be construed as a physical threat to you or anyone else. It is true that the pen is mightier than the sword. My pen is pushed by passion and you cannot compromise that.

I am told you were once a man of integrity, please come back my prodigal FBI Chief. With a heavy heart and many prayers, I close.

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