“I have wondered at times about what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the U.S. Congress.” – Ronald Reagan
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
“Over the course of our 3+ years of posting ~19,000 articles, our website was hacked/attacked 37 times. Even through simple defacements of our website and at times denial of service attacks, we always stood up and fought back. Some of these events might have been random drive-bys, but log files indicate some were coordinated and intentional.

The bitter irony: Our most recent "intrusion" was from a law firm representing one of the large talking heads in the News Industry. We were accused of not properly giving source attribution even though the example provided was, in our view, a perfect example of following fair-use copyright rules. Even though our comments agreed with the author, and we provided direct link attribution, we were told that we were guilty of potentially confusing readers.

So, we immediately removed the article referenced and 123 others that were from the same source. Then we thought...In our 18,721 articles that remained, how do we know how many more similar cease and desist actions are out there. There are swarms of attorneys that potentially make a living sending C&D letters to non-commercial/educational bloggers. This is risk without reward.

In consideration of the above and after engaging in some serious soul-searching, the principals at dlmReport have determined to bring dlmReport to an end.

We have had fun and enjoyed providing a forum for constructive and engaging dialogue between dlmReport and the many different constituents and participants for the last 3 ½ years sharing information about current news, articles, insights, ideas and opinions. dlmReport experienced about 8-million ‘visits’ over that period of time - a level of participation and interest that generated a great deal of personal satisfaction.

We thank all dlm-participants who shared articles, OpEd’s, opinions and comments. We strongly believe better awareness and understanding of key public policy issues will help get America back on the right track, and help restore America’s position in the world, which has been so damaged over the past 7 years.

We hope in some way we have helped extend knowledge and awareness in our effort to provide insights for informed decision-making in our personal and professional lives. Please continue to engage in America’s political process as informed, responsible and integral members of society --- to do anything less is to cede the future to a diminished United States of America.

Dave Miller and the DLM-Staff”

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We have been criticized for cherry-picking what we publish so to promote our own agenda. If our agenda is to spew truth, then we're guilty as charged. If you have an opposing point of view, stop reading and start writing.

Here are the top 18 of where we get our material:

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4803 articles, 466 unique external references (Top 18=77%)

  • washingtontimes (988) 19%
  • wsj (929) 18%
  • washingtonpost (427 ) 8%
  • youtube (318) 6%
  • heritage (231) 4%
  • townhall (226) 4%
  • humanevents (184) 3%
  • dailycaller (173) 3%
  • politico (73) 1%
  • spectator (72) 1%
  • wikipedia (54) 1%
  • foxnews (50) <1%
  • billoreilly (43) <1%
  • nytimes (38) <1%
  • yahoo (29) <1%
  • reuters (29) <1%
  • cnn (24) <1%
  • gallup (24) <1%


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