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Thursday, February 22, 2018
“The verdict, which came on the second full day of deliberations in United States District Court, was a significant defeat for the government in its second failed attempt at convicting Mr. Clemens and will most likely fuel criticism of prosecutors for investing time and money in cases involving athletes accused of doping.”

The government sees this a significant defeat?? This is headline news today?? We need to apologize for having the audacity to include this in the dlmReport. But we did this for a reason. This is a reminder of how "our media" shapes headline news. From our perspective, the only place this is headline news is within the Clemens' family -


“The New York Times, which carried a couple of the recent stories revealing secrets, seemed to back up Axelrod’s claim Thursday by denying that its stories were leaked by the White House, or even really “leaked” at all. “I can’t believe anybody who says these are leaks,” Times Managing Editor Dean Baquet told POLITICO. “Read those stories. They are so clearly the product of tons and tons of reporting.”

They doth protest too much -


“One could hardly tell the difference between network reporters and left-wing MSNBC host Ed Schultz, who ranted over the money spent in the campaign on Tuesday's Rachel Maddow Show: "We are looking at almost a $27 million advantage that Walker had over Tom Barrett, and this sets the template for the Republicans and certainly tells the right-wing in this country that, if they can out-fund their opponent, they've got a real good shot at winning."
Leftists were backslapping each other over the assumed BILLION DOLLAR war chest that Obama would have. They most certainly can't be THAT blatantly hypocritical, can they?

LOL ... Are you kidding me. The Left personifies hypocrisy -


“Dave, It is clear you get all your information from the same news sources, like the Wall Street Journal. At least I take the time to read both sides. It's clear all you care about doing is running down our President when it was really George Bush who created all the problems we have now. Obamacare is really making a difference for this country with a record number of young people now having affordable care and this will only get better when the Buffet rule becomes law. We wouldn't be in the mess we are in today if the super rich would just pay their share. I know you won't publish this which is more proof that you only sign the songs you want to hear. Try just once, to write something good, something happy. We the people need to feel good once in a while.”

I hope you'll take the time to visit and read dlmReport more often. In doing so, you'll find many different sources being cited and used as we compile the stories and information we share with dlmReport members. If you elect to become a regular reader you'll see our efforts to utilize main-stream media outlets that lean Right AND that lean Left. With no disrespect intended, thanks for identifying your political leanings with us in your comments ... and thanks for not giving George Bush credit or blame for dlmReport. We fully recognize the propensity of the Left to blame George Bush for everything, as you referenced above -

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