“The future outwits all our certitudes.” - Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
“I have read the Peter Schweizer book “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.” It is something. Because it is heavily researched and reported and soberly analyzed, it is a highly effective takedown. Because its tone is modest—Mr. Schweitzer doesn’t pretend to more than he has, or take wild interpretive leaps—it is believable.

By the end I was certain of two things. A formal investigation, from Congress or the Justice Department, is needed to determine if Hillary Clinton’s State Department functioned, at least to some degree and in some cases, as pay-for-play operation and whether the Clinton Foundation has functioned, at least in part, as a kind of high-class philanthropic slush fund.

I wonder if any aspirant for the presidency except Hillary Clinton could survive such a book.”

Ms. Noonan is not known as a rabid Conservative on any level. But she is correct in calling for a formal and complete investigation into The Clinton Foundation and its seamy relationship with foreign Governments and the semblance of buying influence. If the FBI doesn't dispatch a forensics team and launch the investigation we will have proof positive that our Federal Government has been completely corrupted under the Obama Administration -


“UPDATE: Yep. Sloppy due process confirmed (via CNN):

The Baltimore police investigation into the death of Freddie Gray doesn't support some of the charges, including the most serious, filed by the Baltimore City State's Attorney, potentially allowing lawyers representing the police officers the opportunity to undercut the prosecution, according to officials briefed on the separate probes conducted by the State's Attorney and police.

Officials familiar with the probes also say the homicide investigation run by police investigators at most contemplated a manslaughter charge, not second degree murder as Mosby charged one of the officers, Caesar Goodson. To win conviction for murder, prosecutors must prove intent to kill. Manslaughter relates to unintentional killings.”

A rush to judgment? Yes! A condemnation of Democrat governance? Yes! Will the people of Baltimore and Maryland recognize either? NO!


“After the mysterious death of suspect Freddie Gray, the Maryland state's attorney for Baltimore charged all six Baltimore police officers involved with his arrest and transport. The crimes ranging from "second-degree depraved-heart murder" to involuntary manslaughter, assault, misconduct in office and false imprisonment. Locals cheered her decision to charge all six. The charges followed three days of riots triggered by Gray's funeral and came almost immediately after the medical examiner filed his report calling Gray's death a "homicide."

Now for the hard part.

Not only will the charges be difficult to prove but three of those charged are black. The claim of illegal "racial profiling" argues that white racist officers possess an unwarranted fear of young black men. But what happens to that analysis when the accused officers are black? If black cops are just as likely to engage in race-based misconduct, why did Ferguson demonstrators demand a "diverse" police force?

If the Ferguson outrage and riots were about "lack of representation" or "lack of voice," this cannot be said about Baltimore. The city council is majority black, the police department is approximately 40 percent black, the top two officials running the department are black men, the city has a black mayor, the state's attorney for Baltimore City -- who charged the six officers -- is black, the new U.S. attorney general is a black female, and of course the President of the United States is black.”

Oh, Mr. Elder --- Don't you know? All Black Police Officers are 'Uncle Tom's' ... But what exactly does that make all the downtrodden that exist solely off social welfare benefits? A hell of a lot smarter than the schmucks that get out of bed to work to pay taxes to support those unwilling to work for themselves ... consider the contempt of those that benefit towards those that provide the benefits. The world is decidedly upside down -


“Imagine a world where you can be punished for simply offending someone. That world exists, and people are paying thousands of dollars a semester for the privilege of walking on eggshells for four years. But it’s not just colleges where these delicate flowers grow; the outrage brigade is everywhere.

Two major American universities, the University of Michigan and the University of Maryland, caved to pressure from a tiny minority of students who demanded their will be forced on everyone. The schools canceled, at least temporarily, public screenings of the movie “American Sniper” because these emotional Fabergé eggs deemed it offensive and racist.

It’s so stupid on its face as to cast doubt on these universities’ admission standards. But that these children would demand such action isn’t as disturbing as the fact anyone employed by these schools would do anything other than laugh them out of their office.

But this is the new normal, not only on campuses, but across the country. If it offends, it must go; it must be banned.”

We Americans have become such delicate flowers ... and so perverted in what we will or will not tolerate....As Mr. Hunter opines, when was the last time Christian terrorists showed up to kill those denigrating Jesus Christ in word, art or deed? Where's the moral outrage??? But, there are those that defend Fundamentalist Islam for their murderous and outrageous reaction to those that add slight to Allah. It's time for some serious soul-searching -


“A pair of would-be jihadists learned a very important lesson over the weekend – in America, we shoot back.

The men, believed to be radicalized roommates from Phoenix, tried to launch an attack on a gathering of freedom-lovers in of all places – the Lone Star State. It would turn out to be a most unfortunate decision.

The cold hard reality is that we don’t know how many more radicalized Muslims might be living among us – waiting to wage jihad.

It turned out those practicing their First Amendment rights were protected by those practicing their Second Amendment rights. Within a matter of moments – the jihadists were quickly dispatched to the Hereafter thanks to a straight-shooting traffic cop.”

Doesn't, "practicing their First Amendment rights ... protected by those practicing their Second Amendment rights", have a nice ring to it? As major powers around the world know, coming on American soil with nefarious intent is fraught with danger...unlike all too many Nations around the world, America's population has not (yet) allowed their elected-idiots to take away our rights to possess arms. Herein we know that we must be on-guard against Fundamentalist Islamics, and gun-grabbing professional politicians and their liberal/progressive acolytes. It is a matter of life and death -


“On Sunday, Democratic Maryland State Senator Catherine Pugh lavished praise on state's attorney Marilyn Mosby, who just days before announced that her office would file a bevy of charges against all six officers involved in the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray. ...

... Mosby "really set the bar for the nation in terms of how these sorts of cases ought to be looked at." ...

... What, exactly, did Mosby do to earn such plaudits? She announced that she would charge the six officers, three of whom were black; she did so without laying out a compelling narrative supporting the charges brought (failing to buckle a seatbelt does not amount to either manslaughter or second-degree murder); she brought the charges while simultaneously pandering to the rioters, stating, "I heard your calls of no justice, no peace. ... To the youth of this city, I will seek justice on your behalf. This is a moment. This is your moment. ... As young people, our time is now."

If that sounds more like a campaign speech than an announcement of charges, that's because it is a campaign speech.”

Whatta ya think? Are you proud of how far America's justice system has fallen? Perhaps our new U.S. Attorney General will engage in this case to point out the obvious rush to judgment by Maryland's Mosby ... yeah, like that's gonna happen -


“In 1987, a young, African-American woman named Tawana Brawley was found lying inside a garbage bag, reportedly “unconscious” and covered in feces and racial epithets. Brawley became an overnight media sensation, largely because her claim of having been raped by six white men was trumpeted by the then-largely unknown Rev. Al Sharpton and two other “activists,” as a symbol of systemic racism in America. Several months later, a grand jury found Brawley’s story to be a lie, and a Sharpton associate condemned the Reverend and his cohorts as “frauds from the beginning.”

Rather than slink away in shame as many individuals would do after being called out publicly as a bald-faced liar, Sharpton welcomed the spotlight and unapologetically built a lucrative empire based on the notoriety spawned by the Tawana Brawley scandal.”

It is a testimony of how far we've fallen as a Nation when we accept or allow a world-class charlatan and race-baiter extraordinaire like Sharpton to succeed -


Why did Rome and Byzantium fall apart after centuries of success? What causes civilizations to collapse, from a dysfunctional fourth-century-B.C. Athens to contemporary bankrupt Greece?

The answer is usually not enemies at the gates, but the pathologies inside them.

What ruins societies is well known: too much consumption and not enough production, a debased currency, and endemic corruption.

Americans currently deal with all those symptoms. But two more fundamental causes for decline are even more frightening: an unwillingness to pay taxes and the end of the rule of law.

Are we at the tipping point? Or, are we simply witnessing the steps followed that are pushing our Nation to the tipping point? We'd suggest the latter, adding that the 2016 Elections will be the tell-tale whether we continue down the path to ruin (a Democrat gets elected) or if we gain some degree of hope by a Conservative being elected. Until November of 2016, everything on this topic will remain conjecture -


“The IRS refused to fire most of its own employees found to be cheating on their taxes — and in some cases even quickly turned around and promoted them within the year, according to an audit released Wednesday.

In about 60 percent of cases of “willful violations,” IRS managers found mitigating circumstances and refused to fire the employees, even though the law calls for that penalty. In some of those cases, the managers didn’t even document why they had overridden the penalty, said Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George.

“Given its critical role in federal tax administration, the IRS must ensure that its employees comply with the tax law in order to maintain the public’s confidence,” Mr. George said. “Willful violation of the law by IRS employees should not be taken lightly, and the IRS commissioner should fully document decisions made to retain employees whom management has proposed be terminated.”

THIS is how the game is played in Washington DC. The laws, rules and regulations apply to the People, but NOT to the professional politicians and the career bureaucrats. As often opined, 'some pigs are more equal than other pigs', and we continue to play the role of the fool -


“It isn’t every day that judges on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals declare themselves “shocked.” But that happened on Monday when an animated three-judge panel eviscerated the IRS and Justice Department during oral argument in a case alleging the agency delayed the tax-exempt application of a pro-Israel group due to its policy views. ...

... The three judges—Chief Judge Merrick Garland,David Tatel and David Sentelle—were incredulous. You say they want a tax exemption, but that’s not the complaint, Judge Sentelle admonished government lawyer Teresa McLaughlin: “They are not in court seeking to restrain the assessment or collection of a tax, they are in court seeking a constitutionally fair process.”

Mainstream media and the Obama Administration might becoming bored with the IRS scandals, but they are far from being adjudicated -


“The IRS doled out more than $5 billion in potentially bogus college aid payments in 2012 under an Obama stimulus tax credit, according to a report Tuesday from the agency’s inspector general that said the administration still doesn’t have a good handle on how to root out erroneous claims.

Nearly 4 million students had questionable claims, totaling more than $5.6 billion in that one year alone, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration said. At least half of the students never provided tuition statements showing what they paid, while others attended schools that didn’t qualify them for the tax credit.

Other students claimed the credit for more than four years, which should have automatically earned a rejection, the investigators said.”

At the risk of answering with the obvious: Is that all? And, in consideration of the IRS becoming the poster-child for Government excess and abuse, our elected officials would do well reforming America's tax code to the degree of simplification in order to abolish the IRS in its entirety. We'd be money ahead -


“Will the next presidential election be won by a lie?

Truth has long since been replaced by “narratives” on the American left. Rather than discuss genuine issues and objective facts, progressives prefer to make up a politically effective story. It doesn’t matter whether the story is false, as long as it sways the public’s emotions and wins the day. The ends justify the means.

This “lying game” strategy often shows up in politically sensitive scientific debates. ...”

It would seem that politics is a game where lying is allowed, if not encouraged. The real travesty lies with a mainstream media too partisan to help the American people by aggressively doing their journalistic job to ferret out facts and to put the truth on full display ... or is it now mainstream media's job to simply look the other way or even worse, to get on the liberal / progressive bandwagon to help advance THAT agenda. You be the judge -


“... A who’s who of Maryland Democratic Party politics turned out for the funeral of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old Baltimore man who died from a severed spinal cord injury that apparently occurred while in police custody. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was there, as was the woman she succeeded, Sheila Dixon. Congressmen Elijah Cummings and John Sarbanes were there, as was former Rep. Kweisi Mfume, a former president of the NAACP. The Obama administration even sent two representatives. While all in attendance mourned the loss of Gray, none were willing to address the real problem his short life exposes. ...

... Freddie Gray was raised in poverty, educated in failing schools, thrust out into an economy choked by regulation and taxes, and offered only drugs as a way to earn money.

Baltimore has been controlled by Democrats since the 1960s. The economy, the education system, the business environment and climate of criminality are all pieces of what they built – a machine that churns out Freddie Grays en masse on an annual basis.”

The sad reality of failed liberal and progressive policies on full display across America, but these jerks want to double down on socialism. WHEN will WE ever learn?


“In watching Baltimore burn, "progressives" run out of scapegoats. Over a week ago, a black man named Freddie Gray died after being arrested by police. Videotape shows Gray being dragged into a police van. Within a less than half an hour, his spine was somehow severed and he died seven days later.

Did an officer or the officers intentionally or inadvertently cause the injury? Did the vehicle suddenly stop, causing a possibly untethered or poorly tethered suspect/passenger to break his neck? Why was Gray stopped in the first place? Given that he ran from the police, did this provide a basis for pursuit, search and arrest? Does this not underscore the importance of police body cams and car-dash cams?

These are, of course, legitimate questions. And, in addition to the Baltimore police investigation, the Department of Justice announced that it, too, would examine the circumstances surrounding Gray's death.

So, why riot?”

What else are impoverished youth supposed to do on an evening out on the town? What excuse do you really need to engage in thuggery, mayhem and destruction of property?


“We haven’t heard much about the father of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old man whose mysterious death while in police custody ignited savage race riots and attacks on innocent citizens across Baltimore.

We also haven’t heard much about other Baltimore fathers parenting their children in the midst of the chaos.

Instead, we have seen government agencies trying to police the youth through a show of force while still allowing juvenile delinquents to commit crimes. We see complete strangers trying to talk sense to the kids. We see criminal gangs masquerading as noble citizens and managing the chaos through a well-deserved reputation for vengeance. We have seen a desperate single mother trying to discipline her teenage son, but we haven’t seen fathers.

Where are the fathers? This is the uncomfortable questions liberals refuse to ask.”

If that question was asked, we wouldn't like or agree with the liberals' answer: '...because black daddies are in prison due to a screwed up criminal justice system'...Yeah, you know society DOES force all those fathers to commit crimes and enjoy time in prisons. Yep, society does force those fathers to abandon their children to the federal welfare system. Yep, it's society's fault -


“Nine tea party groups were still awaiting IRS approval for nonprofit status nearly two years after the political targeting program was exposed, the inspector general said in a report Thursday that, despite hiccups, claimed the tax agency has generally done a good job of cleaning up its act.

IRS employees no longer judge groups based on political leanings of their names, and has come up with an approved set of questions that means its agents can no longer ask the types of intrusive questions that landed the agency in trouble, the investigators said in their report, which updates their initial May 2013 finding.

But the IRS still doesn’t have a definition for deciding how much politicking crosses the line for nonprofit groups. That means applicants who don’t agree with the agency’s optional expedited processing — which imposes a 40 percent politics limit — will still face the same sort of subjective decision-making that plagued tea party and conservative groups from 2010 to 2013.”

Just try to convince yourself that the IRS isn't run by the biggest idiots and morons on the face of the earth ---


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