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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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The daily dlmReport via email is something we send between 7 and 8AM EST every Monday-Friday. This is an ultra concise email with no images and no advertising. While these are HTML formatted, that was done only to make the links large and easy to read. We intentionally did not use an external email list product because we wanted to keep this simple and efficient.

What we send you are not random headlines. You can find plenty of those at Google News.

Each day Dave Miller reviews what you and others send, and chooses a dozen or so headlines that he feels best represents issues facing our nation. Dave reads your comments, reads the stories, then compiles his top headlines along with his perspective.

The email that's sent is a list of actual headlines, each one linking back here where you can read the response and then drill into the full story if you're so inclined.

The order of these headlines have meaning. In our modern world, we are overloaded with data and data is often just noise. What we are trying to do is convert noise to information. Ideally, that information morphs to knowledge and then to wisdom.

Headlines in the daily dlmReport are arranged in order of priority.

If you only have a few minutes to stay current, then just read the top three. Like a good newspaper, above the fold is more important than below the fold. (This is why candidate stories are always at the bottom. They may be important, but we're not here to tell you how to vote.)

If you're new to this, you can find past reports in the Report Archives.

About Our Email List

To join our list, you need only give us your email address. We'll put that into our email system and then wait for you to confirm. Each email we send will have links at the bottom allowing you to drop via a single click. We respect your privacy so we never share our list with others.

Remember, there's no need to join. The only benefit is that we'll send you the headlines we feel are most important. You can get the same by visiting here as all content is available without having to do anything other than read.

If you have any questions about how we are doing things here, or if you have perspective about a headline you've come across, please don't hesitate to share it with us.

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